Dental fear is a common problem that is usually caused by previous bad dental experiences. However, modern dentistry has made it possible to treat a variety of dental problems without causing pain.

Speak up about your fears

The dentist is your partner in dental care. He or she wants you to feel comfortable and get the best care possible. Don’t be afraid to talk about your fears or past experiences to help the dentist understand your needs better. Letting your dentist know about your anxiety will help you have a better experience at the office. The dentist’s office is unfamiliar territory, and that can make people anxious. To help overcome this fear, you should communicate to your dentist how you feel. Let the dentist know if you are nervous, scared, etc. This can help you both work together to provide great dental care that’s comfortable for you.

Agree on a signal

A signal can help you communicate when you need to take a break during the exam or need a moment to calm down before a procedure. For example, you can raise your arm to signal you need a break or wave your hand if you want to pause in the chair. Your dentist may need to adjust his or her technique to accommodate you.

Consider sedation dentistry

If you feel too nervous about getting essential dental treatments, then it’s time to consider sedation dentistry. Sedation can help patients relax throughout their procedures. It also helps you remain clear-headed and responsive so the dentist can perform tasks accurately and safely. There are many different options when it comes to sedation. You can take a pill or inhale a gas through a mask during your procedure. There are also local anesthesia injections that numb the mouth completely for surgical procedures. Talk to your dentist about your options for comfortable treatment.

Take a trusted person with you

If you have extreme anxiety, consider taking a trusted friend or family member who can provide moral support. This person may be your support system and calming presence throughout your visit. It is important to choose this person wisely. He or she should be able to provide quick and accurate help during an emergency. They should be someone with whom you are comfortable speaking openly and honestly about your fears and concerns. Your chosen companion can also help distract you from your procedure by engaging in conversation or by helping you listen to music on your phone.

Bring distractions

When you go to the dentist’s office, you may feel nervous or tense. Some patients find that bringing a distraction with them, like a favorite book, phone, tablet, magazine, or music player, helps ease their anxiety. If a patient brings someone with them, they can switch back and forth from reading to listening, which can help distract them from what’s going on in the treatment room. Remind yourself that millions of people have dental treatment every year and that your procedure will be over before you know it!

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