Oral cancer is known to be one of the most severe oral conditions that affect the mouth and surrounding tissues. It is known to have certain drastic and painful symptoms, and if the condition is left untreated or diagnosed during the later stages, it could even result in death. A whopping 30,000 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed in the United States every year, out of which approximately 7,000 fail to beat it. However, if the condition is diagnosed and treated in the early stages, the chances of getting cured are significantly higher.

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What are its symptoms?

  • The inner lining of the mouth could develop sores and lesions that do not heal easily
  • The sores could start to bleed and discharge pus
  • A thick lump could form under the soft tissues, which indicates the growth of cancerous cells
  • The release of pus could worsen bad breath
  • Biting and chewing food may seem difficult and painful
  • When you consume food which is hot or spicy, it will result in a severe burning sensation in the mouth
  • If the cancerous growth is in the throat, it may change your voice
  • Red or white patches may form on the inner lining and around the throat region.

How can oral cancer be treated?

If you observe any of the stated symptoms, please visit a dentist and get yourself diagnosed at the earliest. During the diagnosis, the dentist will visually check your mouth and surrounding organs for the signs of cancer. As an advanced measure, a laser may be used to determine the presence of cancer. This allows the dentist to look for signs in the underlying tissues, which isn’t visible to the naked eye. Sophisticated and advanced equipment, such as the CDx and VELscope, will be used to extract the tissues and examine them. An intraoral camera will be used to diagnose the larynx and pharynx to determine the spread of cancer.

If the presence of cancer is confirmed, we will recommend further treatment to halt its spread and facilitate optimum healing.

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